South Central sits at the edge of transformation. One direction will take our community towards instability for residents and, potentially, to mass displacement. A different path - reflected in The People's Plan - will ensure that development is led by, and invests in, the people of South Central. We believe that development without displacement is possible. We believe that South Central deserves investment that will uplift the health of the community and drive a vibrant local economy. That is why we support The People's Plan.

Join Us and Stand with The People's Plan.

The People's Plan emerges out of hundreds of community visioning sessions, and integrates the lessons of many community-led efforts to positively impact Specific Plans, individual development projects and citywide planning and land use policies. Providing specific principles found here, The People's Plan seeks to increase affordable housing opportunities, promote inclusive economic development, prioritize environmental justice, and community health.

The City Planning Commission has already recommended adoption of many of these principles. But the fight is not over! Residents of South LA deserve that ALL of the principles included in The People's Plan be recommended for adoption, such as:

  • Preserve Affordable Housing Incentives by setting the base floor area ratio (FAR) for all CPIO sub areas at 1.5:1.
  • Protect Local Businesses by Incentivizing Development that includes Reduced Rent for Community-Serving Small Businesses.
  • The People's Plan will advance community-centered development and inclusive economic growth.

Thousands of South LA residents stand with The People's Plan.
We ask that you do, too.

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